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Current & Past Gulf Coast Veterans Parade Marshals


2018 Sgt Thomas “Butch” Harris USMC

2017 Master Chief Dick Wade U.S. Navy (Ret)

2016 Lieutenant Colonel Henry Burkle, USAF (Ret) & CWO4 Thomas Adams, USA (Ret)

2015 Major General Augustus Leon Collins, Adjutant General of Misssissippi

2014 Cliff Kuykendall GMC(SS), USN (Ret)

2013 Colonel Phyllis A Luttman, USAF (Ret)

2012 Colonel Henry J Cook III, USA (Ret)

2011 Lieutenant Albert "Al" Balius, USA (Ret)

2010 Fred Wallace Haise

2009 Command Sergeant Major Adelchi Pilutti, USA (Ret)

2008 Command Sergeant Major Ed Horstman, USA (Ret)

2007 CWO3 Lewis Shank

2006 Major General Harold A. Cross, Adjutant General of Mississsippi

2005 Hurricane Katrina - no parade

2004 Colonel Lawrence (Larry) Roberts, USAF (Ret)

2003 Mr. Jeremiah (Jerry) O'Keefe, Sr

2002 Major General Clark Griffith, USAF (Ret)

2001 Lieutenant General Bryan Shott, USAF (Re)t

2000 Major General James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret)



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